Cape Wrath Trail is an unofficial trail, leading from Cape Wrath to Fort William. There are numerous very good and detailed descriptions such as the extensive"official" trail guide from Iain Harper. Therefore, I keep off from explaining too much but rather give a broad overview of what to expect, especially since I have yet to hike the trail. I'll add my personal experience in the following lines, once finished with the trail. While technically not too difficult, according to most sources, the trail can be very boggy, rough, mountainous and hard to navigate at times due to the lack of markings and partly unrecognizable trails. Hence going can be slow and the daily distance covered rather short. Especially since the days are getting considerably shorter in October.


Starting at Cape Wrath, heading southbound means there's hardly any warm-up phase. After following a road from the lighthouse for two kilometres, the following unmarked and non-visible track leads away towards the south into the wilderness, past Strathchailleach Bothy to Sandwood Bay and onward to Kinlochbervie, a small village with the possibility of resupply, should the need arise to get some additional food.

From there it's mostly remote walking through fairly mountainous terrain for three days to Inchnadamph, my first resupply stop.

The following 6 days are similarly remote and skirt around Ullapool, the only larger town in this part of Scotland. Only if I need something very urgently I'll make the detour into the town. If everything works as planned, I'll stay away from Ullapool and stay in the wilderness until reaching Kinlochewe, a small town with limited resupply options. From there it's an easy day to Craig, my second and last resupply point.

The 3rd and longest stretch to Fort William will be fairly quiet once more. Only at Shiel Bridge, a small shop offers limited resupply. Once past Glennfinnan, Fort William, my finishing point is only another day and a ferry ride away.


A possible variant of Cape Wrath Trail with Boothies marked in yellow, small shops in blue and  my resupply points in red.


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