Aviation - fascinating me since I was a little boy. Countless days I have spent at the airport, watching airplanes taking to the skies bound for places far away or seeing them touching down on firm grounds again... 


And it is something I actually still enjoy doing - I even made my hobby my profession: after an internship and a side job at Zurich Airport during my studies for the BSc in aviation,  I worked in aerodrome flight information service on a small airfield, idyllically nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps - doing more or less what I like doing: watching airplanes, before I made the outdoors of New Zealand my home by crossing the country of the long white cloud along Te Araroa by hiking- hiking, my other big passion in my life. 



Back in Switzerland, I'm living and working in Samedan as Flight Information Service Officer again. Not full time though. So I've got more time to do what I  love the most: long distance hiking. 


It was a cold, sunny winter day in late 2006 when it all started. Despite not being very interested in photography at that time, I thought: "Hey, it's such a georgeous morning! Why not grab the camera and take some photos at the airport?"

A few minutes later and with the usual frill of anticipation, I was riding on the train bound for the airport, my dad's point and shot camera next to me.

After stepping onto the observation deck, a cold wind was blowing over the snowy ramp into my face. I turned on my camera only to realize that the battery was moments from dying.

With only one photo on the memory card, I made my way back home - totally frustrated but with the strong will, to repeat the trip (with a fully charged battery) the following day.


And that is how the whole photography thing started and has gripped me ever since.



As much as I liked my point and shoot camera (the empty battery was of course not the camera's fault ;), it soon was stretched to its technical limits. After upgrading my equipment step by step, my current gear consists of a…


Canon EOS R

Canon EOS 7D Mark II


Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM


The 16-35mm is currently my preferred choice. Be it for traveling, land- and cityscape as well as aviation. But especially for the latter more focal length is vital and the 100-400mm is a perfect fit for me. 



So far, images are primarily featured in aviation related publication such as aviation magazines or booklets as well as calendars. Moreover images are used for printed and online ads, mainly from the business aviation, due to my extensive collection of business aviation images from Samedan airport as well as my participation at AirTeamImages, the world’s largest and most respected aviation stock image library.


Well, I guess it were my aiport visits that let to my desire to travel. After initially traveling with my family and friends, I started exploring cities on my own. I know, a city trip: doesn't sound like a big deal to organize. But as a 14 year old it was quite an exciting experience. Step by step I extended my trips. From the bustling city of London, the fascinating emptiness of the US Southwest, the wilderness of Alaska and Norway, the culturally matchless Japan to relaxed Laos: I had the luck to explore many beautiful places, meeting interesting people and to come upon their hospitality.


As I mostly do backpacking (with more and more camping), good gear is essential for me. I'm continuously evaluating what's most suitable and currently use these main items (among much other stuff):




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