Day 209: The Beach It Is Again

Paola to Falerna

Distance: 45km

As I was lying in my tent last evening, my tent was vibrating with every train passing through. I was thinking "oh no, that is going to be an uncomfortable night"

However, 10 minutes later I was fast asleep and remained so until nearly 04:00. Wake-up time anyway.

With my headlamp on, I pass through the tiny tunnel and hit the promenade. I follow it and also walk on the beach for a couple of kilometers before going inland. The beach is too soft to cover longer distances and with no more promenade, I take a back road to Amantea. I planning on doing resupply. I pass several big stores but want to do the shopping at the last store. Mistake. Google Maps is inaccurate and there's nothing but a pharmacy. I curse. There's literally no more food in my pack.

So I eat a big ice cream at a Cafe. Keeps me going. And then, after walking past hundreds of fig trees, finally a tree with some ripe figs. I take a couple of them. Jeeps me going again.

Several times I do swim stops. The water is getting clearer the further south I get. Once I get lucky when I spot a secluded spot from the road. Swimming between the rocks in the clear water. Amazing.

I keep on going. Trying my luck once more with beach walking. And finally, the ground gets firmer. A pleasure to walk on.

I'm also happy for Maria, a good friend from the Engadin and future Te Araroa walker, who is joining me for a couple of days. She will have a bit of nice beach to start her hike with.

After finally doing my resupply, I meet Maria at the bus station. Great to see her again! We hit the beach immediately. It's 18:30 already with still a few kilometers to go. Feels great having some company! 

The sand gets softer with every step so we are both happy, when we reach our campground, more or less right in time for sunset, which is once more spectacular. 

Morning fun
Morning fun
The making of
The making of
Ready for the sun bathers
Ready for the sun bathers
Crystal clear
Crystal clear
River crossing under the bridge again
River crossing under the bridge again
Spectacular sunset
Spectacular sunset

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Comments: 3
  • #1

    Rob (Tuesday, 20 June 2023 07:15)

    Tenā koe Sandro. The sunbathers photo would make a brilliant giant wall photo. Framed like a window.

  • #2

    George Mills (Tuesday, 20 June 2023 12:38)

    Welcome Maria I trust you enjoy your tramp with Sandro.
    I love the photo of the deck chairs. It certainly demonstrates your skill as a photographer. Great shot.

  • #3

    Fredy Koster (Tuesday, 20 June 2023 18:43)

    Sure it's nice to have some company.
    And must be great to camp so close to the ocean.
    Good luck for both of you.


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