Day 200: 200!

Castelpizzuto to Bocca della Selva

Distance: 50km

I haven't reached my destination for today. I'm halfway through the day, 30 kilometers down and at 20 kilometers to go. Since I am currently stuck in Campitelli Matesi, a skiing field, due to a heavy downpour, why not using my time wisely and write a bit for my blog.

200 days! Day 1, my start at Nordkapp, is still present. It feels like yesterday. A wonderful day, leaving the cape just as the sun rays break through the fog. One of my, if not my most favorite, days on the trail. Then Day 100, reaching Smygehuk. A mostly sunny day, even though I got caught in a rain shower. The first one in two weeks. Gosh, that was some stunning weather I had back up there in southern Sweden.

These memories, in situations like this, being stuck under a tiny roof from a deserted restaurant, which help me keep going. Yes, I might be unlucky with the weather right now, but I also had the pleasure to enjoy some fabulous weather along the way. In fact, looking back, I was incredibly lucky. Also this bad weather period will eventually dissappear. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But it will change.

I have a good sleep. Only disturbed by a passing tractor and some light rain in the morning. Rain always feels respectively sounds worse when inside the tent, than it actually is. So when I get out of my tent, it's not nearly as bad as I have feared and I can pack without getting to wet. After a bit of a rough 4WD track in the beginning, going is easy. Up and down but never too steep. I decide on following roads. Adds kilometers but better for my nerves. The light rain eventually stops only to start again, this time heavy, just as I reach Campitelli Matesi, where I luckily find some shelter. Sooner than later, the rain stops and I am on my way again. Following a scenic road, closed for vehicles. The views improve as I go. It's a pleasant walk, if it wasn't for the live stock guard dogs (or however you call them), acting quite aggressively as I pass by cows, goats and sheep. Obviously, they just do their job, nevertheless, I feel a bit uncomfortable.

Day 200. Not as spectacular as the previous "anniversaries", yet an overall pleasent day on the trail. But wait... 

I have just passed the 50 kilometer mark, when someone is waving from me from a porch, inviting me for a cafe. Gladly I accept. A bit of socializing is exactly what I need. Once dark clouds are rolling over the hills, Umberto, a very friendly police officer from Bologna invites me to spend the night at his place. Trail magic! 

While it's pouring down outside, I enjoy a hot shower, a delicious meal and a good time in front of the fire place. Well... after all a day to remember! 

And what about day 300? Unsless I turn into a snail, day 300 won't happen. My optimistic plan is that I will finish within the next 30 days. But that's still far away. Until then, I take every day as it comes. Step by step. 

Descending through the village
Descending through the village
Hello there!
Hello there!
Rain break
Rain break
Dark clouds rolling in
Dark clouds rolling in
My place for the night
My place for the night
Feels so good
Feels so good

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  • #1

    George Mills (Sunday, 11 June 2023 00:45)

    200 days. Fantastic. It has been a joy following you and learning about the countries you pass through. Thanks. Keep on tramping

  • #2

    Klaus and Gisela (Sunday, 11 June 2023 08:16)

    Wonderful pictures. It seem unexpected hard walking down south of Italy. Unfortunately the trails are not well markt as we know from our walks we did overthrew.
    after a long search I found some stretches of the E12, but as I saw this is not easy walking terrain. I remember when we hiked a little bit on E12 this was very slow going, lots of up and down.
    Take care stay safe.

  • #3

    Fredy Koster (Sunday, 11 June 2023 09:58)

    Day 200, wow. Long way down from the Nordkapp. And it's really great you have met a Trail Angel on this day.
    Keep going and good luck.

  • #4

    Umberto (Sunday, 11 June 2023 19:58)

    Massimo rispetto. Ti auguro un buon cammino. È stato un piacere ospitarti

  • #5

    Rob (Monday, 12 June 2023 07:20)

    Tenā koe Sandro. A worthy and will be memorable experience as you recall and retell your story in time.
    Your summer there in Italy seems similar to ours last summer - wet wet wet. Can't do much about it eh.
    As they say "make hay while the sun shines". It has nothing to do with sunshine.
    At least we get to see your beautiful photos, and of course how you create images through your writing, is always a pleasure to read.
    As long as you're walking, you're writing, and that's helping us pass the time til TA begins again ;-)


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