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Last week, I spontaneously decided to take a couple of days off trail. I wouldn't call them zero days but people I stayed in regular contact with knew, I was struggling a bit mentally on the trail in the beginning. Eventually, I got into the flow. Nevertheless, I then spontaneously decided to take a break. Mainly because of the weather but also to gather my thoughts. I'm still not sure whether it was the right decision or not. In the end it shouldn't matter I hope. 

Now, four days later I am sitting in a EuroCity train inbound Milan, where I will board a night train to Pescara. If everything goes according to plan, I will be back on trail by 06:30 tomorrow morning.

The weather has been amazing over the last few days and I spent my time, when not planning, running and swimming in the lake, where I could completely forget the challenges my Italy-thruhike is throwing at me.

Tomorrow, I will start facing then again. The weather hasn't improved that much but I tried to mitigate the other challenges by amending the route, mainly following roads, avoiding hiking tracks. It took time to do so and I have no idea how it's going to play out. I will see tomorrow. For now, I sit back, relax some more and enjoy the ride. 

A stretch of E1 running along Lake Lucerne that I walked last summer. A motivating view.
A stretch of E1 running along Lake Lucerne that I walked last summer. A motivating view.

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    Rob (Wednesday, 07 June 2023 20:58)

    Mørena Sandro ... no regrets! You needed to regather. You needed to recharge. You needed to refocus. Now - your spontaneous decision was RIGHT!
    All you did was take a side step. It's all part and parcel of your E1, or walk through Italy. We had a lot of kiwi TAs do that 2020/21. I coined the phrase "break walker!" We had one who got to our place (sobo), flew home to Auckland, and three days later, she was back with us, and the next day she continued hee sobo walk. She was not the only one. They all did what they had to do, and stepped back in from whence they'd left.
    Remember, when you needed a break to rest and recover at our place. It was a break.
    You have finished your break! You are recovered enough to carry on. STEP BACK INTO FRAY!
    One step at a time and "take the weather with you" with a different meaning.
    Right! Now, our break is over too!
    Get on with it!
    Make it happen!

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    George Mills (Thursday, 08 June 2023 11:11)

    Good to see you back (I've finally got this working). All the best and look out for those bears and their cubs. Virtual hugs to you


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