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Back on track: After deviating slightly from the official E1 route in Skane, Sweden and the northern part of Denmark, I intend to follow E1 more or less exactly all the way to the Swiss border. Roundabout 2000km. 

Resuming my hike in Flensburg, I will initially follow the Kiel Bugt past Kiel to Lübeck, where I will leave the sea and head inland to Hamburg. From there, E1 takes me south, skirting around Hannover and through the Sauerland into Frankfurt. Still on a more or less southerly heading, I'll cross the Black Forest. Shortly before reaching Basel, E1 makes a sharp, eastbound turn towards the direction of Lake Constance, where I will cross the border into Switzerland.

For the 2000km I budget 2 months. Average of 33km a day. Ambitious but absolutely doable as I crossed Scandinavia with a higher daily average on more undulating and challenging trails. If all works out as planned, I intend to hit the trail in the end of May, making use of long days and hopefully not unbearably high temperatures. Unlike in Scandinavia, left over snow won't be a problem this time.

While Scandinavia required its fair share of planning, especially regarding food resupply and naviagtion, the hike across Germany should be straightforward in this regard. According from what I have read and heard, the trail is adequatly marked with plenty of possibilities to stock up on food. Yet, what I see as a challenge is finding suitable places to pitch my tent. The "Everyman's Right", which is a beatuful thing that allows you to pitch your tent literally erally everywhere you want, does not apply to Germany. Apparently they are rather strict when it comes to freedom camping with only bivvying being tolerated here and there, which might be a possiblity if the weather is on my side. Otherwise, I'll try my best not to get caught in my tent.

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    Rob (Friday, 27 May 2022 21:01)

    Good morning Sandro . On this morning 29 May 2022. The beginning day of your continuing hikoi, of your E1. It is 6.51am here. It is a stunning red sky like the sky is ablaze with a thousand fires.
    This is your day one in our country (Aotearoa NZ), but not yet for you.
    You can tuck your pre-hike excitement and trepidation away soon. For now, you should be sleeping. But, are you I wonder?
    You know the drill. George will follow you in his usual way. Reading your messages. Mapping your steps. Telling me where you are. Telling you where you are. Or, where you should be. Reading up on the local geography etc, and filling me in. And, of course, as we both follow you, you are slowly whittling the time away for us, of being between our TA end, and our next TA beginning. For now, know, we will be with you, albeit, from the other side of the planet. All the best with this section. Take care. Noho haumaru �


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