Night Train To Trondheim

Immigration process was slow, so slow in fact that I wasn't able to make into town by 2100. Especially waiting I line to get my Corona test too ages.

Luckily I got a gas canister in a hardware store. It's a rather bulky one but it will get my food warm.

While writing these lines, I enjoy the views from the night train to Trondheim. It's 0400 and still quite bright. In fact, it never got completely dark. The weather is gorgeous - fingers crossed it will stay like this for a while.

Somehow, I have a difficult time realizing that, if I get a lift from Lassemoen to Skorovatn this afternoon, I will hit the trail this afternoon already. This moment seemed so far away until this very moment. But now it's really happening! 


One hour layover
One hour layover
My ride to Lassemoen
My ride to Lassemoen

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    George Mills (Wednesday, 21 July 2021 11:41)

    Fingers crossed for you to get that lift

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    Klaus and Gisela (Monday, 26 July 2021 07:57)

    Hi Sandro, great to see you back on trail. We'll look forward to your great posts. Stay safe.


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