Day 7: Some Change At Least

North of Masi to Mierojavri

Distance: 50km

These mosquitoes are physically and mentally a huge challenge for me. More than the mud in New Zealand or the ticks in Scotland.
One could say they spice up the hike but in fact they make my trail life quite miserable. While not dangerous, they are outright annoying and a real pain in the ass. According to a NOBO, which I have a long talk with, they will be a continuous problem also further down south. Oh well, I hope the head net can make life a bit less miserable.

Anyway, enough of mosquitoes. Today's hike brings a change! I cross a sleepy town - Masi. Well to be fair it's 6 in the morning when I walk through it. So many towns are sleepy so early in the morning. After leaving the town I bash some more mud before reaching a high point with some spectacular views. From there it's under a relentlessly shining July sun all along metalled respectively dirt roads all the way to Kautokeino, where I haven't arrived just yet but will tomorrow. Head net and insect repellent - here I come! 
Never ending straight dirt road
Never ending straight dirt road

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