Day T-(E)1: Last Minute Preparations

An early start is required to make my plan work: hitching a ride to Olderfjord with a worker leaving Alta into that direction. Being 6 in the morning, traffic is light. 45 minutes later, a woman working as a vet on different salmon farms offers me a lift to Olderfjord. On the way I learn a lot about salmon farming a topic a landlocked Swiss cheese has no idea about. Once in Olderfjord, I drop a food pack, which I will pick up on the way south in a few days. 

Standing on the road again it is only a 5 minute wait until I get a ride all the way to Nordkapp. Again, the friendly RV driver shares a lot about the history of Finnmark. Too much to write here as it is nearly 2 hour drive up there. As we climb, we enter a low cloud layer. The closer we get to Nordkapp the thicker the fog making driving challenging.

Since we hardly are able to find the car park, we decide not to head out of the vehicle just jet. I get invited to a cuppa coffee in his RV. I savour it as much as I know it possibly will be my last one for a while.

Despite the fog, we head out to the cape on foot, trying hard not to get lost. Eventually, we find it, the monument marking the kind-of-northernmost point in Europe. Not much to see. Here I say goodbye to my driver and hang around the place a bit longer, hoping for the fog to clear. Sometimes it seems like the sun is going to win just to realize the fog is creaping in again.

As I really want to have at least a bit of sun and decide to pitch my tent on the flat near the platform and try my luck at midnight for the midnight sun. 


Where it all begins (or ends)
Where it all begins (or ends)
Camping at Nordkapp
Camping at Nordkapp

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