Day 125: Martin's Hut to Mahuru Cottage

Distance today: 24.3km

Distance total: 3259.9km

Time hiked: 9h 53min

Time total: 994h 23min

Today starts with a challenge: getting out of the hut. With my pack in my hands I climb over two trampers and squeeze through the door, which only opens partially, as the third sleeping on the floor is blocking it.

Eventually make it out and continue yesterday's begun descent on a slightly muddy track, which after about half an hour joins a gravel road for a short while. From the gravel road I turn right onto the water race track. Since it follows the race, there aren't any major climbs. Just some short scrambling sections down to and out of streams that cross the derelict race (some of them are "bridged" - the bridge a log laid across the gully - sometimes very sketchy!). In combination with about a dozen fallen trees, going is a bit slow.

About 2 hours into the hike, I pass a tent. The girl camping there seems to be in low spirits. For her, the track is very challenging - way more than expected. Sounds vaguely familiar...

I try to cheer her up but struggle finding the right words. My advice: take it slow and enjoy the beautiful bush. Don't focus too much on the track itself  It makes the hike much more pleasant.

For once, it's surprisingly warm, not windy with an amazingly sweet smell is in the air. 

A few kilometers in the race track, going gets easier. As the track is following the race, it's extremely winding though - seemingly endless.

After 8 hours, I finally pop out of forest onto a parking lot, where I meet Scott, living across the road at Mahuru Cottage.

He invites me to stay at the cabin and I gladly agree. Don't feel like walking another 6 kilometers to Colac Bay. He and his lovely family own a small farm and live mostly organic. Really cool! 

Time there flies and after playing a card game with Scott and his to kids (guess who lost ;) and a healthy dinner it's soon sleeping time for me.

"Bridge" over a gully
"Bridge" over a gully
So close!
So close!

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    Fradul (Friday, 27 January 2017 16:34)

    Yes you are definitely very close. You will do it. You are hiking very good, but hey, you have to improve playing cards considerably:) Greetings and take care.

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    Silverhikers (Friday, 27 January 2017 19:45)

    Only a few days left. You are amazing. Stay safe for the last days.


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