Day 117: Zeroday Queenstown/Kinloch

Hitching a ride out of Queenstown is not as easy as expected. There are heaps of cars passing me, none is stopping though. After waiting for nearly an hour, a council worker takes me to Glenorchy and two Swiss girls give me a ride all the way to Kinloch. They are visiting a Swiss friend, who has been living in Hokitika for 20 years and is helping out at the restaurant/YHA. During the really tasty lunch, with the three Swiss, it starts pouring down. Instead of continueing to the trailhead of the next section, I decide grab the last bed at the YHA. I meet yet another two Swiss and as they are headed to the Greenstone Trailhead tomorrow morning as well, they kindly let me ride with them. Perfect! Spares me from hiking the 12 kilometers.

I spend the remaining afternoon in the relaxing outdoor hot tub, with fantastic views of Lake Wakatipu. And for once, the rain is actually rather nice.

For me, this place is from every point of view much more pleasant than Queenstown and I'm very glad I can spend at least a part of my Zeroday here. Great, affordable food, friendly staff and really comfy rooms in one of the most informal hostels I stayed so far. Highly recommended!

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