Day 96: Morrison Bridge to Goat Pass Hut

Distance today: 16.6km

Distance total: 2444.3km

Time hiked: 7h 04min

Time total: 745h 12min

We leave Hokitika at 8 and head for Arthurs Pass, where I pick-up my food parcel. More weight to carry over Goat Pass, but I can continue without hitch-hiking into Arthurs Pass once out of the Mingha-Deception Track. For me this is well worth the extra weight.

Back at Morrison Bridge, it's time to say goodbye. You can't believe how grateful I am for everything Lionel and his lovely wife Robyn have done for me. Another perfect example of the unbelievable Kiwi-hospitality.

The Deception Track is initially a mix of bushwalk, easy rock hopping and several, slightly challenging crossing of the Deception River. Past Deception Hut, going gets harder. I'm following the riverbed, trying to find the best route. Scrambling over the sometimes big boulders is hard work and something I don't particularly like - especially with a heavy backpack (during this very last part I regret carrying the extra food ;).

Even though I only hiked 7 hours today, I feel quite exhausted but at the same time very happy that I mastered the infamous Deception Trail, which is a part of the iconic Coast to Coast race.

Following Deception River
Following Deception River
Getting closer to the Goat Pass Hut
Getting closer to the Goat Pass Hut

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