Day 54: Zero Day 2 Wanganui

What the... Who's rocking my bed? Whoever it is: Stop it and just let me sleep!

The rocking doesn't stop though and I, quite drowsy, need some time to realize that it's actually an earthquake shaking my bed. 

My very first earthquake! It takes me so long to realize that by the time I'm out of the bed, the shaking is nearly over. With my flashlight (the earthquake caused a power cut) I step into the aisle, where I meet Rob. He offers me to join them in the living room.

As the earth is not shaking anymore, I decide to return to my bed.

I'm now wide awake however, no way to sleep. There are some aftershocks but they are hardly noticeable. It's around two - two hours after the earthquake - when I fell asleep again.

We spend a good part of the morning watching the news. Damage on the northern part of the South Island and Wellington seems to be quite extensive. A few collapsed houses, landslides and many damaged roads. Ferry service between the Islands is suspended. Luckily there were "only" two fatalities.

As the news start to repeat itself we decide to have coffee in Marton, a 30 minutes ride away. On the way there, I post my Bounce Box, which I picked-up earlier today. We follow SH3, the highway I will walk on tomorrow. We pass two TA hikers (probably the Romain and the fast German guy) on the way.

After treating myself with a delicious potato top and a shake we head back to Wanganui, using back roads. A very welcome change to enjoy the landscape from inside the car. Much more relaxing :P

With a glass of wine, we make ourselves comfortable on the veranda, enjoying the pleasant afternoon weather and watching Kerurus flying by. 

I feel really excited when my host are telling me that a Swiss Couchsurfer just texted she will stay here tonight. After the couple I met in Tangariro she will be only the second fellow Swiss traveller I meet.

Celina arrives shortly before seven. Rob welcomes her in the traditional fashion as well, and the four of us spend another lovely evening.

I eventually retreat to my room - still some things to organize for my hike tomorrow. After a week without hiking, I'm really looking forward to hit the trail (well the road) again tomorrow.

Allow me to introduce... Rob ;)
Allow me to introduce... Rob ;)

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