Day 48: Km1189 to Whakahoro

Distance today: 31.2km

Distance total: 1375.5km 

Time hiked: 8h 48min

Time total: 409h 35min

No one used the track last night. Just the rain, hitting my tent all night long, disturbed my sleep once again.

As it's still drizzling slightly when we are stowing our tents and don't want to hang around on this private property longer than necessary anyway, we decide to have breakfast at the nearby war memorial. On the way there, the rain clouds move away to the north and thus giving way to the sun. 

The hike to Whakahoro through along farmland and forests, mostly on gravel roads, is fairly uneventful. Not much traffic but a lot of sunshine. I almost forgot how pleasant hiking in the sunshine can be! 

Still, after nearly 50 kilometers of road walking I'm happy to finally reach Whakahoro - population 8 - at around 4, with plenty of time to enjoy the warm afternoon sun. On a lovely campground within a horse paddock.

I'm fighting with a slightly uneasy feeling tough, because I'm not sure if the decision I made to join Hannah and thus deviate slightly from the official trail will prove as the right one.

Nonetheless, I'm really excited about this upcoming adventure, as I have never done anything like this before. 

There's still fair weather with no rain predicted until Thursday. So a sunny start into our adventure!

Lots of water after all the rain.
Lots of water after all the rain.

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