Day 43: Taumarunui to Km1096

Distance today: 40km

Distance total: 1243.2km 

Time hiked: 10h 53min

Time total: 370h 36min

Unusual late start for me today. It's close to 7:30 when I hit the road - literally. For nearly 20 kilometers along a busy highway towards Owhango. I'm relieved, when I finally reach the only Cafe of the town. Ice Cream once more before I turn left to start the 42 Traverse. A wonderful, gravelled 4WD track - slippery and muddy? Not really. Matt was spot on!

The track is a constant up and down. Still, the mostly great condition of the track makes it a very pleasant hike with a nice progress.

I pitch my tent just after the Waione River about halfway into the Traverse, not yet sure which option I would take tomorrow: Option A: continue on the 42nd Traverse track or Option B take the official shortcut via the the apparently unmarked and boggy Waione-Cokers Track.

I'll probably stick to the Travers as I really enjoyed it today and am not in the mood for another muddy, steep track.

Very unexpected, it's already dark and raining, two hunters pass by. They are as surprised as me to meet someone else out here in the middle of nowhere. They make sure everything is alright before continuing on into the bush, where they'll spend the wet and cold night camping and hunting.

On the way to Owhango
On the way to Owhango

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