Day 31: Rangiriri to Huntly/Kauri Lane

Day 31: Rangiriri to Kauri Lane, Huntly

Distance today: 27km

Distance total: 869.4km 

Time hiked: 7h 10min

Time total: 256h 21min

Rain once more overnight but thanks to my covered camping spot I don't really care. 

With the rising sun, the clouds move away. It's going to be great weather for a hike - a short one though, as I want to do the Hakarimata Ranges tomorrow. Would be too long for me, if I hiked them today as well.

To be honest, not much to write about today. Mostly easy walking on a dam along Waikato (changing between long grass, short grass and cow shit) and climbing over numerous stiles. 

Today's highlights: the 1km hike through the golf course on perfectly trimmed grass (and they'd even have showers there!) as well as a lady running across the road to give me 6 tangarines.

Shortly after 2 I arrive at the nicely located Remember Then Lodge, where I will pitch my tent for the night. A night which, with temperatures around freezing point, will be a cold one. The good thing though: weather and thus views are going to be amazing tomorrow!

That's some nice walking!
That's some nice walking!

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    ThierryB (Sunday, 27 November 2016 00:49)

    "slow but steady" ? 30km a day is not so slow.


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