Day 22: Waiwhiu (Dome/SH1) to Puhoi

Distance today: 29.9km

Distance total: 589.9km 

Time hiked: 9h 51min

Time total: 177h 34min

A clear sky overnight let the temperature drop quite a bit. Luckily, the gravel road initially climbs steeply (past a camp, which I could have reached easily yesterday, if I had known about it...), so I get warm very quickly. 

The gravel road turns into a forestry road, and this road eventually becomes a short but crappy apparently new track through freshly cut forest. Along a slippery slope, not benched at all. 

Then it's again road walking up to 357m Moir Hill, still not a single cloud insight! It's a long, strenuous climb, especially as my legs are still tired from yesterday. 

From the top of the hill, it's a muddy hike through woods and pastures down towards Puhoi. Another last climb on a surprisingly well-formed track offers great views of the Puhoi valley.

There's no official camp in Puhoi, so I just ask in the General Store if they'd know a place to pitch the tent. The friendly guy suggests to camp in the opposite park. 

Hmm well, there's a "No Camping" sign but I guess I'll risk it. It's such a nice little park nestled at the Puhoi River and I'm simply too tired to continue and find another spot anyway. In order not to draw too much attention, I'll wait for the sun to set before I pitch my tent.

Keeping my fingers crossed that no one will throw me out of the park or fine me tonight ;)

Good morning!
Good morning!

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    Fradul (Thursday, 13 October 2016 10:22)

    Hi Sandro, nice feet. I only hope your big black toe is just dirty, not frozen! Good luck.


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