Day 13: YHA Paihia to Waikare

Distance today: 32.1km
Distance total: 308.5km
Time hiked: 8h 18min
Time total: 89h 07min

Sharing the room with a drunk Kiwi ain't no fun, especially if he keeps talking and talking and talking and there is no way to stop him. So, already past midnight  I sneak out and find an empty dorm right next door. Finally able to sleep and only wake up once, when the drunk fellow crashes down from the top bunk ;)

Anyway, early start this morning as I want to make use of the low tide. About halfway into the stunning coastal walk I meet 4 other TA hikers, who are waiting for their chartered boat that takes them to Waikare. They ask me to join and it is actually quite tempting: one day earlier in Waikare would mean I could do the river passage before tonight's rain. However, it would be a 2 hours wait for the boat and I'd miss the rest of the coastal path. So I kindly decline. Hopefully, I won't regret it!

After arriving in Opua, it's a short ferry ride across an inlet and 21km's of road walk through swamps to Waikare, where

I'm currently waiting for Sheryl in her idyllic garden, as she kindly offered me to pitch my tent at her place.

No just keep the fingers crossed that there won't be to much rain tonight.

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