Day 8: Makene Road to Apple Dam Camp

Distance today: 19km

Distance total: 190.4km

Time hiked: 6h 15min

Time total: 57h 23min

Awful first steps as I head down Makene Road to the State Highway, toes aching. At least it will be an easy hike today: I have planned two days to reach Puketi Camp. Even if I take it really gentle today I will still reach Puketi by tomorrow afternoon unless there will be lots of rainfall during the night, but forecast looks good. Every step goes a little easier as I head south on the highway to Mangamuka, where I know will be a diary. After two days in the forests I'm fully ready for a hot sandwich. Just before leaving this friendly diary behind, one of the farmers I met yesterday pulls up beside me. Whilst chatting with her, I learn that Hannah, the Finnish girl, is just an hour behind me. Good to know she made it through safely as well. 

As it's not far to Apple Dam anymore, I take it slowly. No need to rush. Shortly before entering Omahuta Forest I talk to a local farmer for quite a while. He proudly tells me about his 286 cows and about the life here in the Northland, the second wettest part of New Zealand. 

My camp is a nice little spot slightly off track on a river, with a water tank and long drop toilets. Tent set up at 14:00 and finally some time to relax in the sun, before towering cumulus make the sun disappear. Hopefully they won't bring too much rain as tomorrow will be river walking day :)

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    Silverhikers (Tuesday, 04 October 2016 22:17)

    Wow. What a tough section. You should take care on your feet. Thei must Carry your for another couple of months. Beautiful to read your Blog.


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