Day 5: Zero Day Ahipara

Zero Day today. Basically just relaxing and finishining up my preparations for the next few days to Kerikeri and Paihia.

The day starts with getting the food ready (mainly removing unnecessary packaging and put the food in sealable bags). Doesn't take long and soon after I'm on my way to Liz and Kiri. After 4 days walking alone on the beach, it's a very nice change to chat with these two wonderful people, learning interesting things about the local culture. Before saying goodbye, Liz takes me for a ride on 90 Miles Beach on her quad. Astonishing how much more distance you cover with wheels beneath!

A very short swim and an easy jogging to warm up and ease the muscles already mark the end of the day. Time is flying! 

The weather forecast is looking good for the next few days and I'm really looking forward to hit the trail again. I plan to set off early tomorrow morning and log as many miles as possible. There are no campgrounds so it will be basically walking until I drop. Same goes for the following days until reaching Puketi Camp in around 4 days.

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